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Hidalgo County Roadway Inventory Assessment Study & Reports

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The Hidalgo County Street Inventory Project is a locally funded project that involved the assessment of approximately 2,000 miles of county roads. The purpose of the project was to determine the current state of the County’s public infrastructure and to centralize an easily accessible data base in order to allocate public resources in a more efficient way thereby benefiting everyone, from taxpayers to government officials.

SAMES gathered raw data from the county roads which was then input into various databases and asset management software.  SAMES then processed the data to prepare graphs, tables, charts, and Geographic Information System (GIS) files and maps.

The data collected on these roads included Road Name, Beginning and Ending Points, Mileage, Width, Apparent Right-Of-Way, Road Type (urban, rural), Surface Type (asphalt, caliche, concrete, gravel, soil), Street Signages, Street Lighting, Culverts, Inlets, and Road Defects (Transverse & Longitudinal cracks, Corrugation, Raveling, Rutting, Shoving, Edge Cracking, Potholes, Alligator Cracks, and Deficient Drainage).  Such data was then geo-referenced which allowed each Precinct the ability to see the precise location of these elements and defects.

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