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Construction Engineering Inspections

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Construction Engineering Inspections

SAMES’ Construction Engineering Inspections (CEI) department provides project owners and stakeholders with Owner Representative Services through Construction Management and implementation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures.

CEI services provide projects owners with the assurance the project is constructed as indicated in the construction plans, specifications and contract documents, and always in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations. CEI services are performed post-design and often begin at construction award.

Services offered by our CEI department include:

  • Planning, Research and Data Collection
  • Feasibility Studies, Assessments and Engineering Reports
  • Coordination with Public Entities, Contractors and Private Stakeholders
  • Onsite Inspections and Progress Reporting including Photo Documentation
  • Pay Application Review and Quantity Verification
  • Contractor Requests for Information
  • Construction Close-Out Procedures and Warranty Implementation

SAMES has been accurate and timely for our commercial project in the RGV. Grading accuracy was very important for this project and SAMES came through for us.

Shane Mitchell

I’m a Realtor and SAMES has always been fast and responsive. I had a difficult sale the other day and the price they gave me made all the difference in closing the sale. Erica is extremely proactive and courteous.

Arnoldo Becho

Great service and their price for a survey was the best price I got from all the companies I called. Michelle was by far the best very helpful . They were punctual and professional.

Denise Tovias
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