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Construction Surveying Services for Adolph Thomae Jr. County Park Shoreline Protection Project

Project Details

SAMES was subcontracted by Shirley & Sons Construction to provide construction surveying services for this Arroyo City project.  Scope of work included preparation of a survey control plan, qualifications of surveyors, pre-construction surveys, progress surveys, and post-construction surveys in a survey field notebook format.  SAMES also provided cross sections and a digital map of the topographic survey reflecting those cross sections.

All submittal and stakeout points were based on established benchmarks, control points and proposed elevations as shown on the construction drawings provided by the client.

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SAMES has been accurate and timely for our commercial project in the RGV. Grading accuracy was very important for this project and SAMES came through for us.

Shane Mitchell

I’m a Realtor and SAMES has always been fast and responsive. I had a difficult sale the other day and the price they gave me made all the difference in closing the sale. Erica is extremely proactive and courteous.

Arnoldo Becho

Great service and their price for a survey was the best price I got from all the companies I called. Michelle was by far the best very helpful . They were punctual and professional.

Denise Tovias
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